Do you ask yourself…

Is your business/sales strategy the most appropriate for this particular moment in time? Is your organization facing important changes (internal, market or customers)?

Did you know?...

Client behavior and expectations have radically changed since the financial crisis.  Since then, how we buy has undergone a drastic transformation. Therefore, how we sell should follow suit. Therefore, business strategies and organizations need to adapt to these changes.

We are specialists in::

Consultive Sales
Customer Experience
Sales Process vs Customer Journey
Business/company strategy
Network and team structure, scope and organization (MOS organization and service manuals)
Product and positioning
Network and channel objective setting
Network and channel compensation
Management objectives and sales forecasting
Sales policies and campaigns
Sales efficiency and shopping experience
Procurement and distribution logistics
Client prospecting and capture
Local marketing and communication in distribution networks
Lead management, loyalty management and win-back lost customer programs
Up and cross-selling programs
CRM 2.0
Web 2.0 and social media planning
CSR reputation