Do you ask yourself…

Does each leader understand his or her responsibility in developing their team to achieve top performance standards? Do they have the right tools to do so? Do they actually know what those are? Do they know how to put them into practice?

How much do they trust their team and to what degree do they have a real rapport with them? Are they able to speak openly about all topics of concern? How do they manage conflict? What level of commitment do employees have with the organization?

Did you know?...

Ninety percent of people who quit their jobs do so due to incompatibility or disagreement with their superiors, for lack of recognition or career advancement and not because of their salary.

We are specialists in:

Leadership (own model)
Interpersonal Communication
Stress management and burn out
Effective meetings
High impact presentations
Executive coaching
Blended training implementation processes
Management, organization and revitalization of eLearning communities
eLearning environment design based on open source software (Moodle, etc.)
Online and offline content development
Gamification for team reactivation