DAKOTA research
Do you ask yourself…

Do you really know your potential clients? What are their key preferences, behaviors and their fundamental motives for purchasing? What is their “buyer’s journey” like? What is their underlying customer typology? Are you doing everything possible to attract and serve these different segments based on their buying motives and key preferences? Are your customers really satisfied with your products or services? What about with their shopping experience? What is their degree of loyalty? By the way, do you know what factors generate customer loyalty for your business? And what about those who are not your customers, do you know exactly why they shop elsewhere? Do you know if you could find a cost-effective way to capture them?

On the other hand, in your retail or distribution network, there are some points of sales that do really well and others that do not. Why? What are the fundamental reasons for these differences? Does it really depend on the traffic in the vicinity of the display? What can we do to homogenize the network, promoting each individual point of sale in order to achieve the best possible outcomes (both qualitatively and quantitatively)? Do all the POS comply with your brand’s standards? How can we know exactly? Is it something we can resolve in the short run?

Did you know?...

One hundred percent of companies quoted on the stock exchange utilize tools and systems to monitor customers’ shopping experience and their satisfaction. With these tools, they are able assess the ratio of prospects that convert to customers, how much of the competition they capture, and what customers they attract into loyalty programs.

Each shopper’s personal experience has a 53% impact on their brand loyalty.

Though only 3% of shopping experiences end up producing a complaint, more than 30% of first-time shoppers do not end up repeating. In addition, there is a domino effect on social media with negative experiences that can be devastating.

If some of these questions or statistics sound familiar, at Dakota we have the solutions for you and your organization. Our track record of success includes experience in:

Market research (quantitative analysis)
Customer experience metrics
The Buyer Journey (habits, influencers, decision-making processes)
Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Mystery shoppers
Focus groups (quantitative analysis)
Interviews with sector experts (quantitative analysis in trends and opportunities)
Impact of new product introduction
Research of potential prospects and buying motivation
Identification of KPIs
Event and campaign assessment
Research on network and channel satisfaction
Research on employee and other stakeholder satisfaction
Reality Bath
Network standards and standard auditing
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