Do you ask yourself…

Is your information system strategy the most appropriate for your organization? How much more efficient could your company be if it utilized a different model? What is your customers’ shopping experience like in terms of technology at the point of sale? Is it appropriate and what they actually expect? And what about your teams? Do you have the sales support systems you really need? Thus far, how have they confronted the new tool implementation projects? Have the changes been positive?

Is your online and social media presence accomplishing your strategic objectives? What strategy and media are the best suited for your organization? Have you explored different apps? Are you carefully managing what is being said about you online? Are you properly managing your customer relationships (CRM)? How much impact are you generating and through what channels? Are they enough, adequate or excessive? Why? Are you really leveraging the most up-to-date technology to transform your client relationships and predict their shopping behaviors, preferences, etc.? Do you have the capability and are you prepared to link CRM to Big Data management?

Did you know?...

More than 60% of brands continue to use print catalogues at their points of sale. More than 70% have no idea what is said about them online. Eighty percent of companies have incomplete data base entries on each client (name, address, phone number, etc.). Sixty percent of organizations have no way of quickly tracking their customers’ shopping history. Less than 10% of companies have the ability to perform data mining utilizing their BDD of clients and prospects.

If any of these questions or stats sound familiar, at Dakota we have the solutions for you and your organization based on our experience in:

Information system strategy
Functional development and app and integration design
Outsourcing models
Point of Sale/ Sales assistance/Online sales
CRM implementation_imaweb_auto©
Product catalogues and sales/promotion design
Regular sales follow-up systems
Dashboards and KPI management
BDD and privacy regulation data management
Open source tools for small and medium businesses
Ask us about our expert specialization in CRM_imaweb_auto© www.imaweb.net implementation.

According to Fernando del Alisal (CEO of IMAWeb), “Every time that Nuria Martín has supported IMAweb in its different implementations of our CRM_imaweb_auto app, we have always found the best and most efficient response to all the processes in which we have participated.”